James Dubbeldam

In 2000 James Dubbeldam met Len Scher, an award-winning producer with the CBC who saw great potential in James and they worked together on a number of documentaries until Len’s sudden death a few years later.

After losing his friend and mentor, James turned his energy towards a short film he wrote/directed/produced entitled, The Last Day of December, in 2007.  It was an official selection in two film festivals and gave James the vital experience to move onto something bigger.

Following his success with The Last Day of December, James embarked on a more ambitious project.  In 2009 he wrote/directed/produced his first feature film, Fallen Before Falling. It won ‘Best Canadian Feature’ at the 2011 Canada International Film Festival and was an official selection at four other international festivals.

In 2010 he launched the Toronto Independent Film Awards (TIFA), as a vehicle to not only support other emerging filmmakers but to provide them with a unique and tailored venue for recognizing their accomplishments.

Since then James has produced two internationally distributed feature films and after moving to California James has been directing short films through his production company Film Addict Productions.